PVG Conveyor Belt

One of the key features of PVG conveyor belts is their solid woven construction. The belt is made by weaving polyester fibers together, creating a strong and flexible belt. This construction method ensures that the belt can withstand heavy loads and high tension, making it suitable for conveying materials in demanding environments.

Another advantage of PVG conveyor belts is their excellent resistance to abrasion and impact. This resistance to abrasion ensures a longer lifespan for the conveyor belt, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

PVG conveyor belts are also known for their fire-resistant properties. The PVC and rubber blend used in the belt has a high ignition point, making it less likely to catch fire.

PVG conveyor belts offer excellent flexibility and troughability. This flexibility makes them suitable for applications where space is limited, such as underground mining operations.

Technical specification Parameter


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